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Birthday getaway to Copenhagen

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Already a few years ago we started this tradition, that every year, we surprise each other with a special birthday getaway. Sure, it is easy to plan Martin's birthday because he was born in summer, so no matter which destination we choose, it will be sunny, warm, and pleasant to roam the streets... It's a little bit complicated with mine, I was born in November, so it is a time when most of Europe is covered in grey, the weather is chilly and very often it is raining. But there is something special in everything, right?

Martin booked my birthday getaway to Copenhagen, Denmark. I was very excited because I have never been there and also because Denmark is famous for its hygge ( a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being ), and I loooove all the cozy things.

We took a direct flight with airBaltic, Tallinn- Copenhagen and in about 1,20h we already landed in Copenhagen. Right after landing, we headed towards the metro station so we can buy our tickets, Martin told me that ride will be very short. Since I don't like when it takes too long to get from the airport to the city center, then hearing that the ride is short, was like a balm for my ears. Another huge plus for Copenhagen.

Just when Martin walked towards the ticket machine, two random ladies offered us their metro tickets. At first, I was very confused and then realized that they just don't need that ticket & since it will expire only the next day, they gave this to me, a total stranger, so I don't have to buy a new ticket. It definitely put a smile on our faces.

In about 20 minutes we reached Copenhagen center. We headed towards our hotel which was located next to the metro station. The hotel was very clean, comfortable, and absolutely enough for a simple overnight stay.

Spoiler alert. This time I wanted to take it all easily, so I didn't take my photo camera with me. All photos are taken with my phone, just so we have memories from this trip.

The first night we just roamed the streets and got some delicious pizza. Don't mind the burned edges, pizza was AMAZING.

For a mesmerizing night view, we went to Ilum Rooftop. In ILLUM you will find a wide selection of wonderful restaurants, cafés, and takeaway. It was very fancy and we were impressed with the view overlooking the Christmas market square.

My birthday morning started in a special way. Martin knows that I love everything vintage and I love everything related to books, so we went to have a beautiful breakfast morning at Paludan bogcafe. It was very crowded but we got the prettiest table by the window. My heart sang. Here we were surrounded by old bookshelves, which created a cozy, almost library-like atmosphere. I ordered a very delicious grilled sandwich, and Martin took something more healthy and, of course, chocolate pastry.

I intentionally didn't take any coffee so I can take away a coffee cup from MAISON D'ANGLETERRE.In the morning, MAISON d'Angleterre smells of freshly brewed coffee and warm house-made croissants. The takeaway coffee was 8EUR, it did have a super cute cup, but the coffee itself didn't impress me.

After that, we walked to the picturesque Nyhavn. It was rather windy, but Christmas decorations in the city and colorful houses in the Nyhavn boosted positivity immediately.

We just love to explore the city on foot, but when it is November, the weather is not the best, so we were cold after a while and went to warm up our noses at the Church Of Our Saviour. Our Saviour's is one of Denmark's most famous churches. Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke) is a baroque church, most famous for its corkscrew spire with an external winding staircase that can be climbed to the top, offering extensive views over central Copenhagen. It is also noted for its carillon, which is the largest in northern Europe and plays melodies every hour from 8 am to midnight. This time we didn't climb to the top, we just admired the interior.

Next to the church is Christiania, Copenhagen's most hippie neighborhood. Since it was not allowed to take photos (forbidding signs are everywhere you look) I wanted to respect their privacy and not take many photos. But overall, I didn't have some amazing vibes in being there. It smelled bad (not just weed), and looked more like a garbage plant than a hippie vibes place. For example, in Lithuania is something similar ( Užupis ) and there you can really feel these alternative vibes, but Christiania didn't impress me the same way. We just went to the big green barn to check some vintage stuff ( again, I love it) and that was about it, we left Christiania.

The evening culmination was a romantic dinner at a small but very atmospheric Italian cuisine restaurant. We were craving delicious, creamy Italian pasta and that's what we got. And how adorable was the design of the restaurant? I really felt like in a little Italy. I recommend it so much and definitely would visit this place again, this was a rare gem. It's sad that we didn't get to visit Tivoli, this was among our must-do things for this short getaway, but only during our arrival, we found out that Tivoli is open during certain seasons and the Christmas season started a few days later. Oh well, a reason to come back, right? This dinner was a lovely end for our Copenhagen getaway.


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