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Finland Getaway In Fairytale Cottage

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How have you been? I guess the answer for most of us during these uncertain Pandemic times is pretty much the same… worried, confused, and maybe even bored and angry. You have a complete right to feel everything from it!

It’s not a secret that traveling is a major part of our lives and feeling the direct impact of restrictions has been making us frustrated. But we find a calm feeling in the thoughts that our beautiful planet can rest from all those footprints people leave on it daily. Finally, animals can step out of the forest without fear, beautiful beaches in Asia can heal from the pollution… this list could go on and on.

I want to believe that there is no bad without a good and at this point, we can look more around and see beauty here. We can support local establishments, we can find truly real gems which otherwise we didn’t notice. And that is great too. What we, “I, and Martin”, we started to visit local SPA’s and restaurants more than we even did before. 

Last week we had a chance to visit Kotka, a city in Finland. Kotka is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland at the mouth of Kymi River and it is part of the Kymenlaakso region in southern Finland. If you are familiar with Helsinki, then Kotka is a 1,5h drive from Helsinki. The road is very scenic so it is a pleasant journey.

We arrived in Helsinki from Tallinn on Eckeroline ferry. Two passengers and a car in total were 39EUR. It is a short ride, just 2,5h from Tallinn. The ship is a typical ferry offering live music, restaurants, bars, and shopping.

In Kotka, we stayed in villa Satulinna. It is a lovely cottage by the river offering endless possibilities for resting. It has everything a couple or family might want. In the house are two bedrooms, well equipped spacious kitchen, a cozy balcony for morning yoga, a living room with a fireplace…This is truly a secluded paradise place!

Outside the house is a large bubble jacuzzi (you can enjoy it at any time of the day since the water temperature is very pleasant), a huge terrace, a glass room where you can enjoy an open fire while sipping a glass of wine. For food lovers will be a nice surprise since the house offers many cool tools for grilling the food (there are 4 different types of grilling spots), an amazing outdoor table by the river, and of course, if you are a fishing enthusiast you can even catch your own fish. Romance lovers, you will be pleased to know that the villa provides a little boat which you can use whenever you want, we recommend going for a sunset view on the boat.

You can even use bikes since Satulinna has two comfortable bikes for your usage.

Its been already two years in a row since we travel here and we absolutely love this gorgeous place. Even though the house offers endless possibilities to entertain you, you might still feel like you need to see the rest of beautiful Finland, then you can drive to the Valmusa National Park, which is only 30 minutes drive from the villa.

If you are in Finland and looking for a gorgeous holiday house, we heartily recommend this holiday cottage.


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