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Vormsi saar

Last weekend we were visiting Vormsi island which belongs to Estonia. Did you know that Estonia has approximately 2,222 islands?

As always, we drove to the ferry port to start our journey from there. For that, you need to go to Rohuküla harbor and use the signs to find the pier of the ferry of Vormsi. Here you can find information about tickets>

In about 30 minutes you reach beautiful Vormsi island. You can get around on Vormsi by car or bus, but the best way to see it is on a bike. In fact, we already started to dream about going there again-this time by bike! :)

I think we were visiting Vormsi island at the perfect timing- the end of May, when everything is already blossoming, lush green, and the temperature is pleasant enough to spend lots of time outside.

We chose the Rumpo Mäe talu guest house which is located in the Rumpo village. It's a perfect location. Located on the shore of the beautiful Hullo bay, the farm offers silence, peace, and friendly service. Everyone who loves nature will appreciate this place. We didn't take any photos inside, but if you would love to get to know accommodation, you can check their website here:

However, keep in mind that the website is very outdated and photos are not accurate, everything in the guest house was new and clean. Maybe the only downside was that the Juniper House had only one toilet and when you travel with a bigger group of people it might be not very comfortable, but we saw that owners are still improving and upgrading the house, so perhaps, later on, there will be already two toilets for guests comfort.

We visited the beautiful Vormsi lighthouse (which is called also Saxby lighthouse). I think we were extremely lucky because besides us there was no one, and the lighthouse was covered in a very magical mist that gave this picturesque vibe. I think our photos will tell more than a thousand words. :)

Now when you enjoyed this perfectly moody scenary time to move further...

Another perfect location we visited was Allika hiking trail. I think I never experienced so fresh air. In Estonian, Allika means- springs. As the name states, the trail leads to three different springs, the best-known of which is Suurallikas. The hiking trail was very short but so enjoyable, The flora and fauna in there were simply stunning. And in no other place! It's a perfect trail where to go for meditation inhaling this perfectly clean, refreshing air.

We had a tour guide who introduced us to Vormsi's history.

2 amazing, unforgettable days on Vormsi island and we already can't wait to be there back. Next time with a tent and bikes, of course. :) Some of the short videos and beautiful cows on the beach next to our guest house, you can see on my Instagram account in Vormsi island highlight, check it out here:

Spring&nature is an amazing combination! Do you agree?


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