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We got married!

I think without a doubt we can say that summer is the time of love....we are more in love with the weather, in love with all the pretty, airy summer clothing, in love with outdoor activities and blooming's just that time of the year when we are happier than usual. Do you agree?

But for us, for us, it is not usual summer love...for us, it is a summer when our own love story took another chapter. Like a fairytale that reached that part in the book when the charming prince and beautiful princess finally got married...Yes, we celebrated our wedding day, the 10th of august. And it truly was a fairytale. Our kind fairytale.

It was the most precious day and like Martin is telling ''wish to start this day over again''. We knew that our special love celebration must be authentic to us. And it turned out better than we planned.

Unlike other brides who show up for their prince at the altar, we decided to be in all the moments together, even during the getting ready process. Seeing how my beautiful boyfriend is putting on his wedding suit, while I was getting my celebrity make-up done- definitely was a bonding, lovely experience for both of us. Good that we took a photographer who chaptered moments from this afternoon when we were getting all glammed up.

Martin was so calm, like deep water, while I was worried about the details, which now seems so useless to worry about. The day was perfect just the way it was.

After the ceremony and exchanging signatures and our promises for the new chapter, we went to the park with our family members to celebrate this splendid day. We had a mesmerizing view overlooking the Kadriorg park fountain, sweet little, colorful zephyrs to keep holding on to our sweet life, and of course some bubbles! Gatsby-style glasses made this pop-up champagne stop even more exceptional. Everyone was smiling, the sun was shining and the champagne was so delicious. We were simply happy.

After we thanked our family members for celebrating us, we stayed a little bit longer just the two of us and the photographer. So glad we decided to visit Kadriorg castle's white room to make some unforgettable wedding photos. Castle was not crowded at that time and we felt like that fabulous room belonged just to the two of us...Exactly here is made one of my favorite wedding photos from our day. I saw a sneak peek and I just can't wait to receive all photos, that I and my beloved husband Martin, will re-watch like the most romantic movie.

Now, if you think that the wedding day goes slowly, then you are very wrong, my friend. It ends in a blink of an eye, so if you plan a small wedding day for yourself, try to not plan too much. Like, we wanted to go to our beloved forest to get some moody forest photos, especially since this place is with deep meaning for us, one of the first places Martin brought me when we were dating...anyway, in reality, unfortunately, we didn't have time to go there, so we continued with our plan in the city-driving for a sunset picnic and indulging ourselves into a atmospheric photo session on the beach.

To feel more comfortable we changed clothes...Martin had a linen shirt and shorts, while I was dressed in a custom-made real silk slip dress. So royal. On the bach was the cutest little wigwam that was patiently waiting for us to celebrate the ending of our magical day. I won't lie when I say that this idea, to have a private dinner in a wigwam, was something that we will cherish forever.

We love picnics in the nature so a little picnic to celebrate our most special day was on point. The weather couldn't be better, Martins sister helped arrange the loveliest dinner and in the end, we couldn't stop smiling that this is really our wedding day. Pinch me, I am dreaming.

No exhausting feelings, no busy entertainment until the morning dawn, just a memorable day for us. For the wife and husband. After all, always remember, that this day is for you and your spouse.

After catching a sunset on the beach, we jumped into the car to drive to our old town apartment. I swear, the sky lit in the prettiest pink shades to congratulate us on this special occasion. As if it would say ''congratulations, you achieved paradise''.Actually, this has happened to us before. Last year, when we got engaged in Italy, sky created the prettiest painting, right after Martin put a ring on my ginger... It is not a coincidence, we know that the world congratulated us in its own spectacular way.

But my favorite moment of our entire day was when I and Martin, at the midnight, came to our rented old town apartment, drank some bubbles, and took selfies in the mirror. This was the hour when everyone's voices diapered and there were just two of us- husband and wife.

This was our alluring day, our 10th of august, which we will never ever forget. For the years to come, we will watch our photos and remember this day with a smile on our faces...


The next morning we woke up early to rush to the airport. After all, the honeymoon was waiting for us. Lucky we, since we both are enthusiastic travelers, we booked even two honeymoons, one now- in Spain, and another one is coming this September in California. Bags were packed, rings were proudly on our fingers, and we were ready to start another journey, this time traveling.

I have to confess, I left my camera at home as I wanted to dedicate all my energy and time to my dear husband. So all content that I share in this post is raw, unplanned, and directly from my phone.

I am not sure if this was a test for our newly established marriage or just simply something to make our life more interesting, but ever since we landed, our Spain trip was leading us through odd situations. It started when we checked into a hotel in Barcelona. Martin realized that his wallet missing. So good that in the morning I asked him to take as well his passport, just in case, because ID card was left, of course, in his wallet. We started to think about the moment when he saw it for the last time and understood that it must have stayed in the aircraft seat pocket. Called quickly to the airline and yes, there it was. Pfuuu...Good news- don't need to worry about making new documents...not so good- his driving license was there so we couldn't rent a car and drive to the places we planned to visit. But okay, the most important is to stay calm and figure something else out. There is a way out of every situation. At least that's what they say in those inspirational internet quotes.

During the first night in Barcelona, we went for a walk, and since we both were tired it was pretty much all.

When we woke up the next morning, we were excited to see (ok, Martin was more excited, because I like to sleep in late and he can't wait to get to breakfast) what is waiting for us for the brekkie. It was a lush self-service table with lots of goodies. I have to say, I think Spanish breakfast is my by far favorite breakfast- there were juicy, green olives, creamy, high quality cheese, flavorful, different kinds sausages, healthy spreads, salads, fruits, and more. Definitely, something for everyone's taste.

After filling up our bellies really nicely, we were ready to start the day. This time it was extra special, obviously, we were married, but also because we both were completely free of work. Our stroll started with a fresh juice. It's sort of tradition to get it at Mercado de La Boqueria. But here is a tip from us- don't get it at the entrance of the market, there it will cost the most. If you walk a little bit further into a market you will find the same juice much cheaper. Who doesn't like to save a money little bit, huh?

After a market, we decided to visit Sagrada Familia. But again our luck- we were not able to get inside because the online booking system at the time was giving out some errors. Oh well...

After Sagrada Familia we headed back to hotel to rest a bit and then it was already time for the dinner. Yes, we are foodie travelers, so we had to start our Spanish life with some proper Paella. Well, there definitely was Paella but was it good? I would say- keep looking for more authentic places to find something really good. Also, Martin is showing off his ring, my proud husband!

The next morning we took a flight to Malaga. Sunny Costa del Sol welcomed us with heat and blue, blue sky and picturesque corners. Since we are real besties, we both were twinning with our white, linen shirts. Are you surprised? Don't think so!

We were fortunate enough to arrive here during the festival Feria Andalucía. Every town and village in Andalucia has its own feria and we visited the biggest one. During the event, very many people dress in traditional outfits. For women, it is a flamenco style dress, usually in red color, and a huge flower in the hair. It was very interesting to observe this cultural inheritance. La Feria embodies everything Spain is known for! It is a week-long fiesta celebrating Spanish culture and traditions, full of dancing, eating, and drinking. There is nothing more Spanish or Andalusian than Feria!

Do you remember I said that during this trip we received many tests from the universe? So, when we arrived in Feria, we planned to have dinner in one of the local fast food parlors, and after that, we wanted to try out those cool theme park entertainments. Already eyed some horror houses and rides which seemed pretty cool...Our inner child was happy...

So we went to street food and I proposed to go to a food stall which I really liked because they offered free Jamon! It seemed like a nice gesture. And I like free, good stuff hahah. But, slow down a little bit, I intentionally wrote that this is a street food parlor, so you don't mistake it for a middle-class restaurant. In fact, I am attaching photos to make a better understanding. Nothing fancy, right? Right.

Taking into account that this is street food and basically a catering company that put up their little cafe in a garage, we didn't even assume that prices could be higher than in usual restaurants, which by the way, are better than in Tallinn or Riga. So when we ordered chorizo sausage, a little bit of side salad, and two pieces of potatoes we didn't even imagine what will come next...The first surprise was the huge portions. Since each of us asked for 2 small chorizo sausages, and 2 potatoes then this was a big wow...Yes, before sitting at the table, we didn't check the menu prices, because well, first of all, we are in not so clean garage, second, how much can cost sausage and potatoes, right? The biggest surprise was when we met the bill! It was 73 EUR. I repeat, 73 EUR for sausages, salad, and potatoes in the garage. It was a huge surprise because during one week's stay in Spain we never paid that much for any of our dinners, even though, we spend most of our meals in beautiful restaurants. Food that we were taking in restaurants was: salmon tartar, steak, tuna...No one will convince me that these dishes cost less than potatoes...For sure, these were the most expensive potatoes we ever had and from now on we will be more careful when visiting such places. Don't want to fall into the tourist trap again.

The next day we were strolling in Benalmadena. It is a town on southern Spain's Costa del Sol, known for its beaches and Tivoli World theme park. Martin used to live in Spain so all these areas were. nothing new for him. I am so happy that finally these roads we were walking together.

The last two nights we decided to spend in the apartment with the picture-perfect sea panorama. We already dreamed about how we will make dinners and breakfasts here and enjoy the slow daily rhythms as a newly wedded couple. We went grocery shopping, bought delicious cheese, our beloved Jamon, and salmon steaks that Martin wanted to grill for the dinner....but, yet another test :D The minute we entered the apartment with heavy grocery bags, we realized that in the apartment is no electricity. Little did we know that we will not have any electricity for two days straight. Basically, our entire stay. It was rather an unpleasant situation because the host didn't admit that this is a serious problem and also, a huge surprise, that Booking didn't solve this issue by refunding our money. Won't go into detail, don't want to have a bitter taste, because the apartment was really pretty, but also cannot ignore the fact that this again heavily influenced our well-being and level of enjoyment. But hey, things like this makes us stronger.

Our honeymoon was really our honeymoon. No distractions from work, just two of us and hot Spain.

Let's see what our honeymoon in America will bring. We are ready for all the adventures. So good to be married to your Best Friend.


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